ELECTRIC BOILING TOP - Mod. N62Q - N. 2 ROUND PLATES - Dimensions cm L 40 x D 60 x H 27 - EC standards

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Made in ItalyMade in Italy

Vendita Cookers: Catering Equipment

ELECTRIC BOILING TOPS plate dimensions: Ø 18 cm
Stainless steel body with "scotch-brite" finish Total power: kW 3,5
Ergonomic knobs Supply: 380-415 V Three phase
N. 2 plates (n. 1 kW 1,5 and n. 1 kW 2) Dimensions: cm L 40 x D 60 x h 27
The M-ECO line has been designed to efficiently compete in the Global Market, thanks to its great advantages such as its essential design, reduces costs, high quality materials, realiable components and "MADE IN ITALY" manufacturing certificate. This new line is a combination of all requirements of state of the art catering appliances: it is in fact a reference of realiability, simplicity, safety and design with the an extraordinary quality / price ratio. The M-ECO collection has a simple and neat design in combination with high quality, realible technical features.