FIXED HEAD SPIRAL MIXER mod. IBM 5 - Supply V 230 single phase - Bowl capacity lt.7 - Dough weight Kg. 5 - Power Kw 0,37 - CE APPROVED
Code: PFD/IBM/5
Lead time: 3 to 15 working days
Made in ItalyMade in Italy

Vendita Dough Mixers: Catering Equipment

FIXED HEAD SPIRAL MIXER mod. IBM 5 Dough weight Kg. 5
Supply V 230 single phase Power Kw 0,37
Bowl capacity lt.7 Dimensions cm. L 28 x D 59 x H 58
Stainless steel bowl, spiral, kneading rod and protection grid Weight Kg. 37,5
Standard equipment: CASTORS, timer EC standards
Spiral mixers are ideal for pizzerias, patisseries, bakeries and families. The spiral shape is designed to evenly mix batches in just a few minutes. It works on an oil-bathed gearbox transmission which makes the mixer silent. The mixers can be supplied with single or three phase motor and a two-speed three phase or special voltage motor upon request.