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Made in ItalyMade in Italy
Mod. RONER backlit touchscreen Display Control Panel Ccpacità
to set time and temperature, with scroll wheel chrome bath immersion depth 6/15 Max Lt. 14 cm
0 to 99 hours programmable Timer: from (activates the programmed temperature is reached) 1
fixing system with clip keeps the unit stable and suits all vessels up to 15 liters 230V Power 800 W/Power/50 Hz
Light ON led: flashes during cooking and turn red in case of breakdown or malfunction Size 37 x 7.8 x d 10.5 cm L, 7:00
impeller: ensures the same water temperature throughout the Bowl Weight 1.1 Kg
Car switching off in case of overheating
The low temperature cooking in water increases the quality and enhances the flavors more than the cooking steam or hot air. Your courses will be more tender, juicy and tasty. Herbs, spices and condiments will enhance in intensity and perception. You can marinate foods faster and spice and flavor the oil. Will preserve all the nutritional properties of food, such as vitamins and minerals, and thanks to the use of vacuum evaporation to a minimum and reduce the loss of water and juice of the food during cooking, particularly in cuts of meat and fish. Can be installed on any container, making possible a professional cooking wherever you are.